March Newsletter

March Meeting

Thanks to everyone that made it out to the March meeting!  This month we judged American IPA’s (BJCP style 14B), 7 beers in all.  Our newest member Tom took 1st place, Brian S took 2nd place, and Scott took 3rd.

Here is Tom’s winning recipe:



And here are the overall scores year to date for Homebrewer of the Year:

1st place – Scott Berens (4 pts)

2nd place – Charlie and Tom (3 pts)

3rd place – John and Brian S (2 pts)

4th place – Jason (1 pt)

There are still 4 more beers to judge this year and so far it’s a close one!  Our next beer will be Belgian Saisons in May.  Remember to plan ahead as we have many Big beers in the second half of the year.


Mark your Calendars!  Saturday May 2nd is the third annual Siciliano’s Big Brew Day at Calder Plaza.  We will be down there in full force brewing a Red ale and also sharing our homebrew.  We will need to start planning for this event (bar setup, jockey box, kegs of beer, equipment, food…).  This event is open to the public so come on down make some new friends and try some great homebrew!


Some pics of our brew day at Gravel Bottom.  Our Caraway Stout should be on tap very soon!

11019028_10205900245976014_3251126140157826165_o 19500_10100981074131771_6341717195543652130_n 11015058_10100981073977081_3108496648813645320_n 10917444_10100981073772491_8062995312582870147_n 11043082_10100981073857321_2455712393743038327_n


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