February Newsletter

February Newsletter


Upcoming Events:

Brew day at Gravel bottom Sunday March 1st, 8am.  We will be brewing our Caraway Stout that won the Iron Brewer Competition with GR Homebrewers.  This will be our second beer on tap at a local brewery!  Hope everyone can make it out!  The March club meeting has been moved to Monday march 16th, so as not to interfere with St. Patrick’s Day.

Homebrewer of the Year Competition

Here’s the list of beers we will be brewing and judging for the rest of the year:

March American IPA’s                14B
May Belgian saison                   16C
July Belgian tripel                    18C
September Strong scotch ale (Wee Heavy)  9E
November American barleywine     19C


All beers are judged based on BJCP guidelines.  You may only enter one beer per competition.  Points are awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place; the brewer with the most points at the end of the year will win a gift card to the homebrew shop of their choice and bragging rights!


Check out our website for an updated calendar of events!  Here’s a list of things that are planned and a few things that are in the works:

March – Club meeting:  Judging IPA’s.  Meeting moved to Monday March 16th (so it’s not on St. Patty’s day)

April – setting up visit to pilot malt house
May – Big Brew Day. Club meeting:   Judging Belgian Saisons.

June – SMASH beer project.  A fun way to learn about different hop varieties.  It would be great for us to focus on hops that we don’t typically use such as Mt. Hood, Northern Brewer, Perle, Nugget, Saaz, Fuggle, Willamette to name a few….  Look for more details the next few weeks.

July – club meeting:  Judging Belgian Tripel.

August – Club meeting:  nanomashing, this will focus on the contributions of specialty grains in our beer.   Hop tour?

September – Club meeting:  Judging wee heavy scotch ale.  Oktoberfest – German food and a German style homebrew competition!

October – Iron Brewer competition (TBD).  Club meeting:   Cider (Possible guest speaker?)

November – Learn to homebrew day, look for some event to be planned for this.  Club meeting:  Judge Barleywines.

December – bottle share party?




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